2018 Chevrolet Cruze Owner's Manual

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2018 Chevrolet Cruze Owner's Manual

The manufacturer offers three body options: sedan, station wagon or hatchback. Any of the options will appeal to the buyer, as these models are fully adapted to modern requirements. The main change in the exterior of 2018 Chevrolet Cruze is the improved optics, it is right, because the vision and safety should be in the first place in the functions of the car. The interior trim in this generation of this model features lumbar support on the front seats. The paneled torpedo has a sporty look, but it doesn’t hint at a sporty ride – quite an ordinary everyday car. The back row is designed for 3 people, but two large adults will be comfortable here. You can choose to install leather seats and additional rear passenger airbags.

The Chevrolet Cruze is a front-wheel-drive C-class sedan. A facelifted version of the second-generation Chevrolet Cruze was introduced to the American market in April 2018.

Not even a few years after the second generation was released, Chevrolet decided to freshen up the popular sedan and gave it a fairly tangible facelift. The second generation had an interesting and bright appearance, but after the “surgical” intervention, Cruze shone with new, even more “aggressive” (in a good sense) colors.

Look at that predatory mouth of the radiator grill separated by a chrome line with company’s “cross” in the centre. However, Chevrolet’s designers have changed drawing of rear optics and the form of wheel disks. And thanks to the expanded colour palette, the possibilities for individualization of an already bright model have increased.

Inside the cabin, there are no changes, except for updated software of the multimedia system. But it is not necessary to be upset about it as the interior of the Cruze looked modern and stylish even before updating.

Under a bonnet as before work two turbo engines: petrol – 1.4 (153 hp. 240 Nm) and diesel – 1.6 (137 hp. 325 Nm). Both motors can work in tandem with a 6-speed “manual” and a classical “automatic transmission”. But there is a small correction, the petrol engine needs six-speed automatic transmission, while the diesel engine is mated with a 9-speed hydraulic converter.

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