Chevrolet Owner's Manuals

Chevrolet is the epitome of the American car manufacturing spirit. Despite the fact that many models have been globalized, it is still associated with brutal cruisers.

The Chevrolet model line is quite extensive and is represented both by its own models, purely American, and produced under the brand in other countries. Unfortunately, in many countries, the company has suspended its auto supplies or stopped them altogether, as well as direct production. Next, let’s take a look at some of the cars that should not be forgotten in 2022, along with new products.

One of the most famous brands in the world is Chevrolet, or not officially Chevy. This car manufacturer began its activities in the distant 1911, the same man who founded the company General Motors in 1908. This name appeared thanks to the famous racer at the time Lois Chevrolet. The history of the emblem is not exactly known, but the founder’s daughter described it as a bow tie. One of the first cars is a six-cylinder T-90 with only 30 horsepower, but with a displacement of as much as 4.9 liters. In the early 2000s, the company gradually enters the market in Europe and Russia, where it is steadily gaining momentum in sales and development of the company in general. Also on another continent, the company launches not only sales, but also its own assembly shops.

The Chevrolet manufacturer is headquartered in America, Michigan in the suburb of Detroit, Warren Province. The beginning of the story begins when a young Louis Chevrolet gets a job as a representative of a car factory in France. Soon a company was opened with Durand, combining Chevrolet and General Motors. Despite the first failed sales, when the first car wanted to sell for 2500 dollars, but sold for 500, the owners did not give up and continued the development of the company.

Already by 1915, an all-new Chevrolet 490 had been produced, and was priced at $1,000. That set was equipped with round dome lights, speedometer and ammeter. The engine was a 4-cylinder, and the transmission was a 3-speed. Chevrolet had a competitor at the time, naturally it was Henry Ford. By 1916, over 20,000 models of the 490 had been sold at a price of $440.

After 1917, the business of the concern began to change frequently and one of the owners (Durand), went out of business due to low stock sales. But the company developed its lineup and in 23rd year more than 480000 cars were sold. After that comes the first Chevrolet truck, which was one of the positive reasons for the release of the millionth car.

By the 40’s the company had developed quite strongly and began to produce sports and exclusive cars, which are greatly appreciated by modern collectors, because they consider those models to be some of the most successful. Unfortunately, the war affected the freezing of concern’s work, but after the war ended, Chevrolet continued to produce pre-war models and continue to develop. And by the early 50’s, the company began producing the first models with automatic transmissions.

Top 10 popular Chevy models are:
– Impala
– Malibu
– Silverado
– Camaro
– Corvette
– Cruze
– Tahoe
– Blazer
– Equinox
– Colorado