2006 Chevrolet Ssr Owner's Manual

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2006 Chevrolet Ssr Owner's Manual

2006 Chevrolet SSR is a pickup – convertible from the American car manufacturer, a representative of the 1st generation. The model first appeared in 2000. SSR is an abbreviation for Super Sport Roadster, which has become a symbol of a sporty, dynamic and bright car.

The model attracts attention with its bright and extraordinary exterior. The rounded fenders and hood create an elegant image and add romance to the appearance. The round headlights are cut in half and joined together by a chrome overlay with a logo in the center. Additionally, the radiator grille has horizontal elements in the body color.

The doors are quite long, which makes it difficult to park in tight parking lots. There is a lack of space in the cabin. The cabin is a bit narrow for the hips and shoulders. Small windows also limit the space. Thick roof pillars interfere with the view. The driver has enough space for comfortable driving, and the seat is quite comfortable and has several positions. The driver’s seat memory option allows you to set a comfortable seat position and not have to change the position every time.

Additionally, there is a navigation system and a digital instrument panel. The stereo system includes an AM\FM radio and a CD\MP3 player.
The cabin has a minimum of space for small items. You can put personal trinkets in a small glove compartment and a container on the center console.

The luggage compartment has a volume of 0.6 m3, which is quite small for storing things. The opening angle limits access and load capacity.

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