2021 Chevrolet Equinox Owner's Manual

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2021 Chevrolet Equinox Owner's Manual

The 2021 Chevrolet Equinox captivates with its name alone. Equinox is a word that has its own unique meaning for everyone who hears it. For some, it makes a mystical impression and recalls the magical rituals once performed by our ancestors, while for others it is more reminiscent of the equal ratio of the two components. What did the developers wanted to express with this word? We will try to explain in our review.
If you take fuel economy as the main indicator of the car, the Equinox certainly beats almost all competitors. The infotainment system is not at all difficult to operate, the smooth running is easy enough, it would seem, what else is lacking in a good car? Solid handling, of course, and our vehicle has no problems with these.

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