2015 Chevrolet Camaro Owner's Manual

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2015 Chevrolet Camaro Owner's Manual

Chevrolet Camaro is a G1 class coupe with rear-wheel drive. The sixth-generation 2016 model premiered at a special event in Detroit on 16 May 2015, with sales starting later that year.

While going for more power, engineers at Chevrolet have also decided to turn to the tricky path of making the car lighter. The sixth-generation Camaro is based on GM’s new Alpha platform, first used in 2012, and uses more aluminium in the chassis and suspension (McPherson struts at the front and five-lever at the rear). As a result, the coupe has lost 90 kg, 60,5 kg of which are due to a body. Dimensions of the car are also reduced: length is 58 mm (4783 mm), width is 20 mm (1897 mm), height is 27 mm (1349 mm), wheelbase is also changed – minus 40 mm (2812 mm).

The exterior of the coupe is changed not to break the recognizable shape, but still make the car more modern: designers have painted a more expressive grille, changed rounded fog lights for vertical stripes, completely changed the pattern of taillights. But the main thing is that additional planes have been added everywhere: on bumpers, on a bonnet, on a roof. Therefore, while comparing generations, it seems that a little bit rough and “rough” Camaro has turned into lean and slender. The interior also became more strict and accurate: a block of additional devices has disappeared from the central tunnel, air temperature is regulated with moving rims of deflectors and the dashboard has lost rectangular wells.

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