2019 Chevrolet Camaro Owner's Manual

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2019 Chevrolet Camaro Owner's Manual

American sports car, which was produced from 1966 to 2002. Its production was resumed in 2009, but already on an improved technical basis. The body of the car has always been in the coupe version with two doors, but it was possible to order a convertible. Similar models are the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Challenger.
Since 2019, a model version of the ZL1 has been available. It is already equipped with dual-zone climate control in the basic version. It is also equipped with a premium Bose audio system. The front seats are ventilated and heated. The Chevrolet Camaro has a 2.0 liter engine with 238 horsepower. Accelerates to 100 kilometers in just 5.9 seconds, reaches a top speed of 240 kilometers per hour. Despite the powerful engine, fuel consumption is small and an average of 8.2 liters per 100 kilometers. The owners of Camaro, note the high maneuverability of the car.

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