Chevrolet VIN-Decoder

What is Vin code?

A magical set of numbers in which key information about each specific car is hidden – today it is called the mysterious abbreviation VIN. If desired, every citizen can decode these numbers.

The need to number manufactured cars appeared among automakers immediately after the appearance of commercial copies. After all, they had to be distinguished from each other – for consideration of complaints, production of spare parts, proper repair, etc.

The VIN code is a kind of car passport, it contains encrypted basic data of a particular car. You cannot operate a car with a problem wine

For the first half century, it was a simple numbering according to the norms established by the automobile plant itself. But later, in parallel with the then still timid progress of globalization, cars of various brands began to spread uncontrollably around the world. In order to simplify control over registrations and maintenance, international organizations decided to establish a single numbering system for all car manufacturers.

This is how the current seventeen-digit VIN code – Vehicle Identification Number (English – vehicle identification number) appeared. By the beginning of the 1980s, it had turned into a compact, encrypted car dossier, and it was about the main characteristics of each specific instance of the car. In principle, the code is formed according to a single principle, but there are some differences in different brands.

Before buying a used car, you should find out the location of the VIN on the body in order to compare it with the documents

How to find out the history of a car by VIN code

The vehicle identification number consists of three groups of signs, which include both numbers and letters: all ten numbers and the Latin alphabet are used, with the exception of I, O and Q, which are similar in spelling to numbers. Moreover, in one car you can see a number in a certain place, and in another – a letter. So, let’s consider the decoding of VIN by groups.

The first three characters: WMI (World Manufacturers Identification) – car manufacturer code according to the generally recognized world classification;
From the fourth to the ninth characters: VDS (Vehicle Description Section) – description of the car;
From the ninth to the seventeenth signs: VIS (Vehicle Identification Section) – the so-called identification group.

The car VIN consists of 17 characters, which are divided into three “thematic” groups

In turn, each group has its own encryption. WMI hides: the first sign is the geographical area of ​​the world, the second is the country, indicated by a number or letter.