2014 Chevrolet Volt Owner's Manual

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2014 Chevrolet Volt Owner's Manual

You can’t say that the Chevrolet Volt has changed fundamentally with the change of generation or received some hitherto unseen equipment (by default, the car has a rearview camera and 10 airbags; blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic and lane monitoring, automatic braking and self-parking are options). No, there have been no revolutions. However, the car has been technically transformed more than adequately.

Interestingly, in the Volt, Chevrolet’s engineers implemented the idea called Regen on Demand. Its essence is that the car can be decelerated smoothly with the help of understeer keys without touching the brake pedal. Other technical peculiarities include wheelbase increased by 9 mm (up to 2694), length and width increased by 84 and 21 mm (up to 4582 and 1809 mm respectively) and also loss of 6 mm in height that finally led to decrease of weight of the hatchback by solid 114 kg (up to 1607). It’s not just the body, though, but also lightening of other components. For example, the weight of the traction battery has been reduced from 194 to 183 kg, and the drive module (electric motors and transmission) allowed to save additional 45 kg.

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