2012 Chevrolet Orlando Owner's Manual

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2012 Chevrolet Orlando Owner's Manual

Chevrolet Orlando – created on the Chevrolet Cruze platform, only, of course, much more spacious. The car is quite spacious and has a seven-seater modification. Inside, the high-gloss black trim that forms the double cockpit is tastefully complemented by stylish blue lighting. Due to the convenient location, instrument indicators are easily accessible to both the driver and passengers.

In the interior of the Chevrolet Orlando you will be pleased to touch everything: whether it be the switches on the steering wheel or hidden compartments for storing small items, hidden in the most convenient places. One of them hides even behind the multimedia system…

Forget about compromises – Chevrolet Orlando confirms that good looks and versatility can be combined in one car. This is a car that offers the practicality of a 7-seat version and surprising roominess. And besides, the confident lines of his profile give him a unique style.

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