2016 Chevrolet Orlando Owner's Manual

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2016 Chevrolet Orlando Owner's Manual

Chevrolet Orlando is a unique example of the 7-seat family car segment.

Its striking exterior is proof that a 7-seat minivan can be a vehicle of character. Orlando’s capabilities are amazing: a comfortable seven-seater saloon with the ability to transform for any task, a powerful economical engine, MyLink multimedia system – this and much more at one time made the Chevrolet Orlando one of the best seven-seater cars for all occasions.

2016 Chevrolet Orlando Features:

  • Sunroof – available as an option on all
  • Chevrolet Orlando in LT and LTZ trims.
  • Sunroof – available as an option on all Chevrolet Orlando LT and LTZ trims
  • Park Assist: The Chevrolet Orlando is equipped with front parking sensors.
  • Park Assist: The Chevrolet Orlando is equipped with front parking sensors.
  • New black leather interior – available in LTZ package.
  • New black leather interior – available on LTZ trim.
  • Heated Second Row Seats – Standard on the LTZ Chevrolet Orlando, also available as an option on the LT trim.
  • Heated second row seats – standard

Thanks to the extended package of options, the seven-seater Chevrolet Orlando minivan pleasantly surprises its owner and passengers with a new level of comfort and safety. For 2015, the car’s appearance was further enhanced with stylish 17-inch alloy wheels, a vibrant ‘Mystic Moonlight Blue’ exterior color and ‘Sonic blue’ fabric interior trim.
The Chevrolet Orlando 7-seater minivan always stands out from the flow of cars, the swift lines of the body create the impression of dynamics and speed.

The brutal silhouette of the seven-seat family car is emphasized by complex wheel arches and Chevrolet’s signature double grille, while smooth lines of external details, such as new direction indicators on the side rear-view mirrors or alloy wheels with a diameter of 16 to 17 inches, give the Chevrolet Orlando a special elegance.
Despite the external compactness, the car resembles an SUV, making the Orlando stand out from other family cars.

The pleasant blue backlighting of Chevrolet’s finest seven-seater makes it easy to keep track of gauges.

With plenty of legroom and a high ceiling, even the tallest passengers feel comfortable inside.

Salon Orlando on showiness is not inferior to the exterior. The pronounced center console located on the front panel favorably emphasizes the dynamic design of the 7-seat Chevrolet Orlando minivan.

In addition to the large space, the 7-seater interior of this car has many additional storage compartments: niches in the doors and trunk, as well as a convenient compartment behind the folding audio panel.

Folding passenger seats easily turn into a large luggage space. A variety of interior transformation options allow the 7-seater Chevrolet Orlando minivan to perfectly adapt to your tasks.

The Chevrolet Orlando surprises with the combination of the versatility of a 7-seater minivan and excellent dynamics. A wide range of modern powertrains, such as gasoline

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