Chevrolet (Chevrolet) is a brand of cars produced and sold by the economically independent division of the same name of General Motors Corporation.
The brand is the most popular among the brands of the concern; in 2007, about 2.6 million vehicles were sold.

Manufacturer: Chevrolet Division (GM subsidiary)
Production: 1970–1988 / 1995-2007
Class: Personal luxury car
Body type: 2-door coupe
Designer: Dave Holls

Monte Carlo was created on the Pontiac Grand Prix G-platform, which was introduced back in 1969. The Monte Carlo was conceived by Elliot M. Estes, Chevrolet general manager and chief designer Dave Holls. They modeled the style “under” the modern Cadillac Eldorado, although most of the body lines were borrowed from the Chevrolet Chevelle (bumpers, windshield and side windows were interchangeable).

The standard engine was a 350 (5.7 L) Chevrolet “Turbo-Fire” small V8 unit with two carburetors, producing 250 hp at 4500 rpm paired with a three-speed “mechanics”. The dashboard is also borrowed from the Chevelle. except for the woodgrain trim, which was copied from Rolls-Royce. Sold for $3123 as standard.

But a variety of add-on options were also available: a two-speed Turbo-Hydramatic automatic, power steering, power windows, air conditioning, and even power seats, bringing the price up to $5,000.

The most sporty and powerful variant was the Monte Carlo SS with the 454 engine. The package, priced at $420, included a standard Turbo-Jet 454 block (7.4 L) with a four-barrel carburetor, producing 360 hp (269 kW) at 4800 rpm. It also included beefed up suspension and wider tires.

In 1971, the interior is unchanged, except for the vinyl upholstery. But fabric interior was also available, in one of the options.

In 1972, the 4-speed “mechanics” disappeared from the list of options. People were content with a 3-speed manual and a 2-speed automatic (after all, luxury).

The 5th generation Chevrolet Monte Carlo was built on the updated W-platform, as were the Lumina, Pontiac Grand Prix, Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, Oldsmobile Intrigue, Buick Century and Buick Regal.

Only two modifications were available – LS and Z34, which differed both in body color (Z34 was distinguished by shades of red) and engines – 3.1 liter V6 160 l / s (120 kW) were installed on LS modifications, while the opponent Z34 had more powerful DOHC V6 3.4 l, 215 l / s (160 kW).
All Z34 models were equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels. instead of the 15″ steel wheels with hubcaps on the LS model.