2016 Chevrolet City Express Owner's Manual

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2016 Chevrolet City Express Owner's Manual

Chevrolet City Express is a front-wheel drive L-class van. It is a redesigned version of the Nissan NV200. It made its debut in the summer of 2013.

The appearance of the City Express was made possible by an agreement signed between Chevrolet and Nissan. The latter simply allowed the Americans to sell their NV200 van in the US under a different brand name, even though the original, i.e. Japanese version is also sold in the US market.

Be that as it may, the City Express has been born. It differs from the original model only by a different grille, designed in the style of Chevrolet. Technically, the van is built on a platform with McPherson struts in the front and a torsion bar in the back. Disc brakes are fitted to the front wheels and drum type brakes to the rear. The length of the wheelbase of the van is 2860 mm, and its total dimensions are 4400 x 1695 x 1850 mm (length/width/height).

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