Tesla Model Y has another competitor

On the official website of Chevrolet, a section “future cars” appeared, and in it the profile of the electric crossover Equinox EV. Electric versions of the Equinox and Blazer were announced by the company in January 2022. The official presentation of the latter took place on July 19, while the commercial Equinox EV has not yet been shown. This is expected to happen soon.

It is known that both electric crossovers are based on the Ultium platform. According to InsideEV’s journalists, the smaller Equinox EV was created specifically to compete with the Tesla Model Y. The novelty will also have an RS version, but you should not expect any technical differences from the “sporty” crossover. We’ll have to be content with a “sporty” appearance.

The first commercial Equinox EV crossovers will appear no earlier than the fourth quarter of 2023. General Motor expects to attract customers with a relatively small price tag. They promise that it will not exceed 30 thousand dollars.