2009 Chevrolet Colorado Owner's Manual

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2009 Chevrolet Colorado Owner's Manual

Chevrolet Colorado Regular Cab (Chevrolet Colorado Regular Cab) is a mid-size pickup truck with rear or all-wheel drive, built on the GeneralMotorsGMT 355 platform. Production of the first generation of the model started in 2004 and stopped only in 2012.

Despite the fact that the “trolley” of the car was developed by General Motors, Isuzu specialists actively helped the Americans in creating a pickup truck. The ColoradoRegularCab is 4877mm long, 1727mm wide and 1651mm high. Wheelbase length – 2824 mm. The front suspension of the pickup truck is independent, with A-arms, while the rear is a solid axle with leaf springs.

The Chevrolet Colorado has been repeatedly facelifted, but its basic features have remained unchanged. The designers slightly corrected only the bumpers, radiator grille, optics and interior finishing materials. By the way, already in the basic configuration, the pickup is equipped with 16-inch wheels, ABS, a stabilization system, two frontal airbags, an audio system, air conditioning and a number of other auxiliary equipment. And so that the driver and passengers have somewhere to put their personal luggage, the cabin provides a lot of niches, pockets and drawers.

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