2009 Chevrolet Cobalt Owner's Manual

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2009 Chevrolet Cobalt Owner's Manual

You may find it hard to believe, but the Chevrolet Cobalt is in the top five best-selling compact cars every month and sometimes surpasses the Ford Focus, one of its main competitors. Despite four dozen compact cars to choose from in 2009, the Cobalt is pretty famous, even if big names like the Civic and Corolla seem to have “chewed out” a lot more headlines for themselves in all sorts of newspapers available at the time.
Affordability is the strongest argument in favor of the Cobalt, as the base model costs just over $14,000, as do other popular compacts. It also has great performance potential thanks to the turbocharged SS model, which has an impressive 260 horsepower engine. Standard OnStar, an available USB port and Bluetooth further enhance the appeal of the 2009 Cobalt. Buyers looking for a quiet commuter car with decent fuel economy will want to opt for the XFE package, which combines a modified engine computer, manual transmission and low rolling resistance tires to squeeze in a few more miles.

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