2008 Chevrolet Kodiak Owner's Manual

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2008 Chevrolet Kodiak Owner's Manual

The 2008 Chevrolet Kodiak impresses with its external characteristics and massive parameters. The updated model has a more modern cabin exterior design. The updated front radiator grille attracts attention. Reliability and solidity are emphasized by angular wheel arches. Compared to the massive cabin, the headlights are quite compact. The front bumper with chrome elements testifies to the strength and power of the truck.

The slanted hood opens up a view of the road for the driver. This is facilitated by the large area of the windshield. Access to the cab and body is facilitated by the presence of running boards. The rear step is built into the rear spoiler.

The central console is tilted towards the driver, which facilitates access to the necessary information and control systems. The four-spoke steering wheel has wooden inserts.

The cabin is quite spacious. The instrument panel is decorated with plastic, other materials are also available depending on the configuration. Two-tone leather seats, carpeting and other elements are available for interior decoration.

The presence of additional cameras allows you to improve the all-round view. Some of them are activated when turn signals are turned on. A rear view camera is provided to facilitate parking.

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